SABO|TAGE - electronic music meets classical orchestra

A breathtaking fusion of moving rhythms, driving synthesizer melodies and powerful beats by DJ Pete Sabo with a full orchestra under the direction of conductor Thomas Kerbl.

The internationally renowned DJ Pete Sabo is not only the pulse driver here, but he is directly in symbiosis with the orchestra live. It is above all the change of perspective and the interplay between DJ and orchestra that make SABO|TAGE so incomparable.

Sometimes the electronic facets of the DJ dominate with beats and bass, while the orchestra gently underlines the pieces, then again Pete Sabo cleverly moves in the background and only lets the heartbeat be heard to give the orchestra space.   

Modern soundscapes harmonise here with classical instrumentation and merge into special compositional drama. SABO|TAGE takes body and soul on a journey through the rhythmic cosmos of groove and, after an exuberantly colourful flight, gently sets them down on the ground again.

The celebrated concept is now not only completely recreated musically, but also expanded with fascinating visual components. A musical trip full of positive vibes and passion is in store.