Pretty Pink's Remix for Ilan Bluestone feat. Ellen Smith - Stranger To Your Love - one of the most DJ supported Progressive House tracks of 2022

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Ilan Bluestone ft. Ellen Smith - Stranger To Your Love is one of the most DJ supported Progressive House tracks of 2022!

Pretty Pink embodies a new generation of energetic, authentic artists, full of power and vision. Her electrifying passion for electronic music and an incredible feel for the crowd make Pretty Pink so unique and one of the most successful artists in the areas of melodic, deep and progressive house.


Her self-made career is both an inspiration and a landmark for many young artists today: from her own strength to the top. Starting as a resident vinyl DJ in a local club in her home country in Germany to becoming a globally acclaimed act and producer. All this did not happen overnight, but with sweat and many years behind the decks and countless hours in the studio. Authenticity is not only her own claim, but part of her story.


Through a regular stream of high-quality mixes in her radio show ‘DEEP WOODS’ she has begun to turn heads in underground circles. Within the span of two years, it landed on 30 leading radio slots worldwide and reached 1 million streams via her socials. Meanwhile, the radio show runs on the most popular programme slots on the hottest radio stations and is undoubtedly making an enormous impact on the scene and global listenership.


Pretty Pink first gained worldwide attention with a viral edit for Daft Punk's Get Lucky. And this first flash should quickly turn into a continuous radiance and powerful fire. After playing the biggest and most important clubs and festivals in her home country, her bookings started to take off into the skies abroad as well.


Having thrilled crowds in almost every country in Europe with her unique sets, she has also grown into a sure shot in the US and Canada, regularly playing festivals and clubs from Miami to San Francisco and New York to Las Vegas.


Pretty Pink has garnered a dedicated fan base across the globe through her diverse productions, radioshow and stirring live shows, which launch listeners on an unforgettable musical journey. On stage she is known for her galvanizing stage performances as she continues to impress crowds with her dynamic natural ease, serenity and expertise.


Shifting her focus toward production, Pretty Pink has amply proved her serious talent in the studio as well as behind the decks. Whilst Pretty Pinks DJ sets are very energetic, she also manifests her wandering soul on the producer side. Pretty’s own music has provided her with the chance to reveal a kinetic combination of dark, pulsating tunes, driven beats, and natural energetic melodic compositions paired often with her own vocals.


In addition to her own two labels DEEP WOODS and WANDERLUST, she regularly releases on the well-known major labels as well as Armada, Anjuna and Found Frequencies. Continuous support of her tracks by leading artists around the globe as well as a steady rise in her streaming fan base show the quality of her output full of character.


There's no question about it - Pretty Pink is more energetic than ever: upcoming releases waiting in the wings, studio sessions, an ongoing radio show, two record labels and a packed touring calendar. Pretty Pink combines a tasteful sound with a dash of craziness that inspires audiences to new heights. With her years of experience, the multi-talented workaholic has created a brand that will last. She will stop at nothing to continue cultivating and evolving her sound. Time may pass and trends will fade, but Pretty Pink's sound will never cease to impress. Her great successes are only the beginning of her future conquests.