16. April 2021
Push Hard presents LifeLive Festival II – Interactive Streaming Experience
After successful debut, the second Interactive digital festival will go ahead. Berlin Startup LifeLive.io presets the next interactive stream festival with stages hosted by Cocoon, Moon Harbour, Blakk Sheep, Eating People and more. All profits from the festival will be distributed in full to the participating labels and artists.
01. April 2021
PUSH HARD is new cooperation partner of recordJet
We are over the moon to announce that PUSH HARD will be working together with recordJet from now on. The combined expertise of recordJet as a music distribution platform and PUSH HARD as a PR and management agency offers a real benefit for our clients.
10. March 2021
LifeLive Festival - First interactive streaming festival worldwide goes live
Push Hard takes care of world wide PR for Berlin-based start-up, which realizes a real interactive streaming experience on an international festival level
07. February 2021
How to give creativity a push during Corona
The ongoing pandemic takes its toll on many aspects of our lives, especially a creative mind suffers from this restrictive situation. So how can we combat a creative blockade and let inspiration come back in?
25. January 2021
LifeLive.io - new interactive streaming platform
LifeLive.io from Berlin is one of the most exciting and promising start-ups in the tech-industry. And we are very delighted to have accompanied the company from the very first steps. The innovative concept is based on an interactive streaming platform that allows users not only to participate in a streamed live event - such as a concert, club gig or festival stage - but also to communicate individually with other users via live video broadcast.
15. January 2021
One Year "Rave The Planet"
Rave The Planet has already successfully received over 390,000.00 Euros in donations from over 24,000 people from all over the world. Among other goals, to realise a new parade in Berlin in the spirit of the original Love Parade. The "Rave The Planet Parade” has now been postponed to 09 July 2022. And also the dates for the following years are secured and registered with the authorities. We are proud to accompany the project as a PR agency.
15. December 2020
How music can lift our spirits during Covid-19-pandemic
Hardly anyone can escape how strongly, and often unconsciously, music influences our everyday existence and emotions. It can make us sad, but also happy, give us goose bumps or palpitations, make us tear up, or move and dance, and even evoke memories...
30. November 2020
Pretty Pink with her new show DEEP WOODS on radio sunshine live
Since November Pretty Pink has been enchanting listeners with a weekly one-hour broadcast format live from the Berlin sunshine live studio. The well-known radio station with almost 1 million listeners per hour enables the artist to stay in touch with her fans and music lovers even in times of a pandemic.
15. November 2020
2020 has not been easy, especially on musicians. Without concerts they are not able to reach and connect with their fans, and a major source of income is eliminated. For many artists live streams seem to be a desperately needed opportunity to gain back some of their revenue.
28. October 2020
We help you to apply for public financial support for you as an artist, DJ and label. Wir helfen Dir und beraten Dich bei der Beantragung von öffentlichen Fördermitteln für Dich als Artist, DJ und Label.

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