15. January 2021
One Year "Rave The Planet"
Rave The Planet has already successfully received over 390,000.00 Euros in donations from over 24,000 people from all over the world. Among other goals, to realise a new parade in Berlin in the spirit of the original Love Parade. The "Rave The Planet Parade” has now been postponed to 09 July 2022. And also the dates for the following years are secured and registered with the authorities. Hopefully nothing will stand in the way of a united and healthy "We are one family" spirit.
15. December 2020
How music can lift our spirits during Covid-19-pandemic
Hardly anyone can escape how strongly, and often unconsciously, music influences our everyday existence and emotions. It can make us sad, but also happy, give us goose bumps or palpitations, make us tear up, or move and dance, and even evoke memories...
30. November 2020
Pretty Pink with her new show DEEP WOODS on radio sunshine live
Since November Pretty Pink has been enchanting listeners with a weekly one-hour broadcast format live from the Berlin sunshine live studio. The well-known radio station with almost 1 million listeners per hour enables the artist to stay in touch with her fans and music lovers even in times of a pandemic.
15. November 2020
2020 has not been easy, especially on musicians. Without concerts they are not able to reach and connect with their fans, and a major source of income is eliminated. For many artists live streams seem to be a desperately needed opportunity to gain back some of their revenue.
28. October 2020
We help you to apply for public financial support for you as an artist, DJ and label. Wir helfen Dir und beraten Dich bei der Beantragung von öffentlichen Fördermitteln für Dich als Artist, DJ und Label.
07. October 2020
To catapult yourself as an artist with your unique vibe into the music editorial offices or to bring it live to the music lover is currently difficult. This makes a high quality press kit all the more existential in order to at least get hits in the radio, playlists and magazines.
23. September 2020
No doubt, to compensate for the loss of live performances due to Corona, now seems to be exactly the right moment to become even more active on Spotify & Co.
02. September 2020
PUSH HARD connects you with all digital distributors and retailers that are relevant for the electronic music market. Trust in our longtime experience in this area, we know who is on fire for your sound.
14. August 2020
PUSH HARD shapes the media appearance of each artist individually and uses its international network for your public relations, social media marketing, content marketing and blogger relations.
15. July 2020
We are all facing great challenges during the Covid-19 crisis, but we can manage them together. No doubt, one have to face the future and set the right course for a career as a DJ or the continuation as a modern label.

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