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29. August 2021
Andreas Henneberg & Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock - Synth Happens - MIXMAG Premiere
Hardly anyone would be better suited to let electronic club music and symphonic music fuse together at the highest level than Andreas Henneberg from Berlin. With this high-quality philharmonic live concert concept, Andreas Henneberg has caught worldwide attention and once again proven himself to be a versatile musician who transcends genres and is able to combine styles in innovative ways to bring something truly unique to the world. Andreas Henneberg is also the founder of the labels Voltage...
15. January 2021
One Year "Rave The Planet"
Rave The Planet has already successfully received over 390,000.00 Euros in donations from over 24,000 people from all over the world. Among other goals, to realise a new parade in Berlin in the spirit of the original Love Parade. The "Rave The Planet Paradeā€ has now been postponed to 09 July 2022. And also the dates for the following years are secured and registered with the authorities. We are proud to accompany the project as a PR agency.
15. December 2020
How music can lift our spirits during Covid-19-pandemic
Hardly anyone can escape how strongly, and often unconsciously, music influences our everyday existence and emotions. It can make us sad, but also happy, give us goose bumps or palpitations, make us tear up, or move and dance, and even evoke memories...