How to give creativity a push during Corona

The ongoing pandemic takes its toll on many aspects of our lives, especially a creative mind suffers from this restrictive situation. So how can we combat a creative blockade and let inspiration come back in?

It’s common knowledge how beneficial exercise is for our body and mind. But how about creativity? There have been assumptions about this ever since. Nietzsche once said "All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking." And also Steve Jobs used to hold important business meetings on a long walk.

Scientists at Stanford University took a closer look at this idea and conducted an experiment with 176 students to find out if a simple walk might lead to more free-flowing thoughts and ingenuity.
Two kinds of tasks were to be solved: tasks that required concentration and combination skills on the one hand and inventiveness and creativity on the other. In several runs, the students were asked to work on the assignments while sitting, walking on a treadmill and on a walk outdoors.


The researchers observed that walking did not boost performance when solving the combination tasks and that the subjects even achieved better results when sitting. However, the situation looked quite different for the tasks that required ingenuity and innovative ideas. Here, people who took a walk tended to be much more creative across the board. Another experiment clearly showed an even residual creativity-enhancing effect of walking when people sat down afterward.

In conclusion it is obvious that there is a direct connection between exercise and increased creativity and that walking stimulates creativity in any setting. Why exactly this is the case, is still to be researched.


But we all should take advantage of this easy, flexible, and free method and lift our creativity to another level.


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